Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Orange Sweet Potato Casserole

This is a great side dish for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. It will make a sweet potato lover out of anyone who eats it. I make half a recipe when I am not serving a crowd.


3 lbs or 3 ½ Cups sweet potatoes mashed

¼ Cup brown sugar

2 Tablespoons butter

3 Tablespoons undiluted frozen orange juice concentrate or freshly squeezed

Pecan Topping:

⅔ Cup brown sugar

⅓ Cup flour

1 Cup chopped pecans

½ Cup melted butter

⅓ Cup flaked coconut

Bake sweet potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees until tender.

Scoop out hot insides, place in a bowl.

Add brown sugar, butter, and orange juice.

Mash to combine.

Put potato mixture into a greased 9 inch casserole dish.

Mix together topping ingredients and sprinkle over sweet potatoes.

Bake for approximately 20 a 350 degree oven.

Remove from oven and serve.
Combine orange juice, brown sugar and butter in a bowl.

Scoop warm sweet potato into bowl.

Mash a little to combine.

Spread into a greased 9 inch casserole dish.
Combine topping ingredients in a bowl.
Put topping over the sweet potato mixture.

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