Saturday, 23 January 2016

Crispy Salmon Cakes Arugula Salad with Lemony Dill Mayonnaise

These little crispy salmon cakes are very  tasty and the mayonnaise is a perfect accompaniment.  I usually make these when I have leftover salmon but unfortunately that doesn't happen very often lol.  My January mission is to clean out my freezers. So I found a couple of forgotten fillets of salmon in the bottom of my freezer and remembered this recipe.  This recipe reminds me of summer because I grill salmon on the BBQ but don't wait till summer!!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Strawberry Milkshake Cheesecake

The flavor of a strawberry milkshake, Oreo cookie crumbs and sprinkles makes for a delicious dessert. I made this no-bake cheesecake for my beautiful niece's birthday and it was a hit! 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mexican Fruit Cake (with Cream Cheese Frosting)

This cake is moist and super easy to make. Its kind of like a carrot cake without the carrots. I wrote down this recipe while watching a cooking show back in 1979. I sometimes add 1/2 cup of coconut. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Thai Lettuce Wraps

These lettuce wraps are so scrumptious! Very healthy and refreshing. I make these in the summer and the winter, the only change I make is that I pan fry the chicken in the winter as I do not want to stand in the dark of winter freezing. Either way is good. the recipe calls for sliced red cabbage and julienned carrots but I found a cabbage slaw that was a nice combination and I did not have to slice anything. Try to find big bunches of butter leaf lettuce if you can, as the bigger the leaves the more you can fit on it. If I cannot find big bunches I just buy three conatiners and then plan to make a salad another day with the smaller leaves. If you cannot find butter lettuce you can use head or romaine lettuce.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Indian Sticky Chicken

This Indian sticky chicken is very quick and easy to make, it will become your new go-to recipe for weeknight dinners.