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Christmas Pudding With Grandma Hiller's Caramel Sauce

I have been making this Christmas Pudding for the last 16 years and I cannot imagine a Christmas without it. I make it ahead ot time and store it in the freezer until the day before you want to serve it. The sauce lasts for a few weeks in the fridge( if it lasts that long). You don't have to use a pudding mold, you can simply use mason jars or coffee tins to steam the pudding. The sauce is from my father-in-law's mother, Grandma Hiller. It is the perfect sauce for the pudding. Be very careful not to burn the sugar or you will ruin the sauce. I hope you try this and make it a yearly tradition in your home.

Christmas Pudding 

1 Cup grated raw carrots
1 Cup grated raw potatoes
1 Cup butter
1 ¼ Cup brown sugar
1 ½ Cups all purpose flour
Juice of a whole lemon
Zest of a whole lemon
1 egg beaten
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon cloves
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 Cup well washed raisins
1 Cup well washed currants
¼ Cup candied mixed fruit(candied christmas glace pineapple)
1 Cup chopped pecans

In a large bowl combine carrots, potatoes, butter and brown sugar.
Add remaining ingredients. Stir well to combine.
Pour mixture into a well greased christmas pudding mold or well greased mason jars ¾’s full. Or you can use coffee tins. If using a mold attach the lid. If using jars or tins cover with wax paper. On jars place the wax paper over opening followed by the screw lid. If using tins hold wax paper in place with a string or rubber band.
In a large place the pudding mold, jars or cans. Surround the mold with 2 inches of water. Cover pot. Just bring to a boil, reduce heat and steam for 3 hours.If water level drops add more. Serve immediately or place in freezer. Serve with Grandma Hiller’s sauce.
If you freeze pudding, remove from freezer and place in fridge to thaw the day before. Scoop out pudding into a bowl, top with sauce and microwave to heat through.

Grandma Hiller’s Caramel Sauce

2 Cups brown sugar
2 Cup boiling water
1 Cup cold water
4 Tablespoons cornstarch
2 Tablespoon butter
2 Tablespoon Grand Marnier (orange liqueur)

Directions for Sauce:
Place brown sugar in a heavy pot over medium heat. Stirring continually. Caramelize the brown sugar. The sugar will begin to melt and turn into a sticky thick mass. Do not burn!!! Or cook on too high of a heat!!!

Pour in boiling water over the sugar and continue to stir, until all the sugar has dissolved.

Add cornstarch to the cold water in a small bowl, stir. Add to the pot and stir continuously until the mixture comes to a boil and thickens.

Remove from heat and stir in butter and Grand Marnier liqueur.

Store in fridge in a covered jar. Lasts for 2 weeks in fridge.
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In a large bowl combine potatoes and carrots.

Add lemon juice and zest.

Add beaten eggs.

Add brown sugar, butter, flour, baking soda, salt, and spices. Mix.

Add currants and raisins.

Add candied glace.

Add nuts.

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This is a pudding mold but u can use mason jars or tin cans. Whatever sizes suit your needs.

Grease the mold well with butter. Fill with pudding 3/4  full to allow room for expansion.

Grease mason jars. Fill with pudding to 3/4 full. Top with wax paper, secure with  mason jar ring. Place in large pot with  water coming up the sides to about 2 inches. Bring water to a gentle simmer. Place lid on pot and steam for about 3 hours. Watch water level and replace water as it evaporates.

Place mold in a large pot. Surround mold with 2 inches of water. Heat to boiling. Set to a gently simmer. Place lid on pot. Watch water level and replace as it evaporates. Steam for 3 hours.

Pudding is now fully steamed. You could unmold and serve. Or place lid back on and freeze. 

Place brown sugar in a heavy pot over medium heat.

Keep stirring brown sugar. It will begin to melt.

Keep stirring.

Keep stirring.

Beginning to become a big sticky mass.

Melting more and more sticky too.

Perfect a melted mass of brown sugar.Do not burn!!!

Add hot boiling water. Keep stirring until all the sugar bits dissolve.

Mix cold water and cornstarch together.
Pour cornstarch mixture into pot and keep stirring.

Bring mixture to a boil and keep stirring until it is nice and thick.
Remove from heat.

Stir in butter and Grand Marnier.
Heat the pudding. Top pudding with warm sauce. Yummy!!

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