Saturday, 11 October 2014

Maple Pecan, Orange and Green Salad with Pecan Garlic Dressing

This is one of my favourite salads! Great any time of year. Add cranberries in the winter to make it festive. This recipe makes quite a bit of dressing, but I often double or triple the greens depending on the number of people I am serving.


1 head romaine lettuce, washed and chopped.

1 head of butter leaf lettuce, or spinach

1 can mandarin oranges, drained

1 ½ Cup pecan halves

2 Tablespoons maple syrup


½ Cup olive oil

¼ Cup vinegar

8 pecan halves

4 cloves garlic, minced

2 Tablespoons brown sugar

salt and pepper to taste


In a non-stick frying pan, combine pecans and maple syrup and cook until pecans are coated with syrup and caramelized. Remove from pan, cool on a plate, breaking pecans into individual pieces.

Wash and chop lettuce. Drain oranges. Add lettuce, oranges and maple coated pecans into a large salad bowl or platter. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

In a blender or food processor, combine vinegar, 8 pecans, minced garlic and brown sugar.

Slowly drizzle in olive oil until well mixed.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Add desired amount of dressing to the greens and toss. Serve immediately.

You will have more dressing than you require for the above amount of greens.

I often double or triple the salad ingredients depending on the amount of people you are serving.

In a non-stick frying pan combine pecans and maple syrup.

Cook over medium heat until pecans are coated and caramelized.
Remove from heat. 

Cool on plate.
Combine brown sugar, 8 pecans, vinegar and minced garlic. Blend.

Slowly drizzle in olive oil.

Pour dressing in a container and refrigerate.

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